Video iPod and Freespire

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Well I guess you can call me a hardcore Apple Computer fan, I have a Macbook, an iPod Nano (1st Gen 4GB) and now a 80GB iPod Video! I bought i for a couple of reasons, namely price and storage. I had been put off before since I thought they were too bulky ( I know a couple of people who have older generation iPod Videos) after being with the Nano for over a year (its still chugging along gleefully). What can I say? I am impressed! Battery life is huge to me and well to be frank, its amazing. My first MP3 player was a Creative Nomad Jukebox II (circa 2002), which I still have. I know only one person who owned an MP3 player before me, and its nice to be there from the start, you appreciate the little details most people don´t, as they are new to mp3 players, so they expect it as standard. I now get all the latest tech podcasts, so I am very happy with that!

Freespire Logo

Another thing is I now have Freespire, the Open Source version of Linspire. Linspire is a commercial Linux distribution, so they include all of the proprietary codecs most others simply can´t for reasons of cost. Freespire is not up to Ubuntus standard (not as big pool of developers/community) and the stable version uses an out-dated KDE and a horrible menu. Despite this, it has its charm, like click and run, a better implementation of the APT packaging system (common to [Debian][s]-based distros) and is probably the easiest distro I have seen to install and run. It don´t have a partitioner, so it will overwrite Windows (Hey not always a bad thing ;-) ). But setup is easy, and I love the way it brings you to configure your own settings at one simple screen after an install. My family love it, and complement it left-right and center! So although Ubuntu is nice and cleaner (suitable for people new to computers), Freespire definately wins over the Windows fans!