Virtual Ubuntu

So you have heard of Ubuntu, maybe they have even shipped you a free disc or you have downloaded one? Like most users, even advanced PC users, they get nervous about installing Linux and afraid of what they might have to learn. Touted as the brighest star, Ubuntu really does outshine other Linuxes, with usability, features and great range of software. Now you can try Ubuntu on Windows.

Ubuntu Logo

How can I try it, is what I always get asked, without risk to my computer? First of all, you need to download Ubuntu Virtual. This in laymans terms, is Ubuntu compressed into one file. Think of that file as the “Tape”, now you need the “Tape Player”, along comes VMWare Player. Simply install VMware Player, and then find the “Ubuntu Tape” file, in VMware Player. Thats it! No installation required of Ubuntu.

VMware Logo

Similarly, you can use VMware player to emulate Windows on Ubuntu. Also you can try the LiveCD of Ubuntu, which you insert at time you turn on your computer and it loads Ubuntu, without affecting your PC or any files on it. Both install and live disc of Ubuntu can be ordered free of charge.