Wireless, New Design and Web Services

Welcome to the new and improved Duey Finsters. As I mentioned before, I hope to receive a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet soon, so I will be checking the free wireless services offered by Eircom in Dublin and at McDonalds restaurants.

You may have noticed the new look and this revamped blog. You may also question where has Duey Finsters Web Services gone? It is still here, but me and Thomas Whelan, who run it, cannot decide on a name. Maybe you all could help us out? Since well over 97% of all the words in the dictionary are registered as dot coms, we have no clue what to call ourselves.

We are looking for a unique name, that could be trademarked, so anything you suggest, you give us permission to use royalty-free (We might throw you a million, when we make ours). Once we get a name, the dot com will be registered and a totally new site will be designed.

Also new is a guides section, which will be part of the blog. The idea is I can write guides so other people can see how easy it is to actually do stuff. I plan to write a guide (Including pictures) for Linux and Windows using encrypted mail. On Linux, I will show both command and KGPG (the KDE graphical key maker) and on windows I will use WinPT (Windows Privacy Tools).

The Music and Bookmarks section are going to take a while for me to implement properly, as I am still practicing using PHP to render XML, but it should be fun. They both use feeds, Last.fm for music and del.icio.us for bookmarks. That reminds me, I just saw del.icio.us was bought by Yahoo!, I hope they do not ruin it like they did to Flickr and stick their name and advertising in every conceivable space on the page.